Delivery Information

Delivery information for in-stock items

If the product page shows this product is available in stock, your order will be dispatched on the next business day after receiving our confirmation email.  Customers will then be emailed a notification email containing the relevent freight information in order to directly track delivery with the freight company. Please note: As all delivery companies are independant of JS Interiors, unfortunately we are unable to request a particular delivery time and date.  Once the contact for the freight company is received, it is best for customers to contact the freight company directly for any special requests on delivery time.   

Delivery timeframe for in-stock orders 

Orders in the Auckland region will usually be delivered on the following day after dispatch. North Island region delivery will take 1 to 3 working days to arrive, depending on the area.  Some rural areas will require 3 to 5 working days. South Island delivery will take 2 to 7 working days to arrive. Rural areas will require 7 to 10 working days to arrive.  All estimated delivery times are counted from the day the order is dispatched from our warehouse.  

Same-day delivery may be possible if you book this yourself via Transfervans (  This can be particularly useful if you purchase on a Saturday,  This a self-service option with an independent company offering delivery within Auckland. Information and quotes are available on   We recommend going through JS Interiors if your item is a fragile mirror or vanity item with marble top.  

Receiving orders from delivery company

All our deliveries require the client to sign upon receiving the product. The inspection of your order is important. We use furniture moving specialists to deliver our products, but damage can still occur during the transportation process. All of our dispatched items will receive full inspection by our warehouse team before leaving our premises. If any damage is discovered upon receiving, please report the damage to us immediately by phone and by email. Photos of any defects are essential proof when reporting damage of a product. Any defects that are initially missed need to be reported to us no later than 48 hours after signing for receipt of the item, as damage claims are subject to being rejected by the freight company if not reported immediately. In such an instance the customer will be required to take full responsibility for the damage. 

Delivery timeframe for pre orders 

Many of our products will take around 10-12 weeks, as they will be ordered from overseas. The date shown on the product page is an estimated arrival date. A more accurate delivery date will be emailed to customers with your order sheet upon receipt of payment . If the arrival date in our confirmation email doesn’t suit you, please reply directly to our email along with your refund bank account details to request a refund. Your order won’t be placed and we will process your refund within 7 days after receiving your request.

If your order arrives later than the estimated delivery date, we will send a client delay notification with a new ETA and you will be free to cancel the delayed order any time with us. 

Delivery in Auckland region 

Our standard delivery in the Auckland region will be one-man delivery. If the order is a large item like a sofa or large cabinet, the customer has the option to assist the delivery person when unloading the furniture from the truck and moving it to your premises. If you do not wish to assist with delivery, please request the service of two-man delivery with the appropriate extra surcharge.

For delivery to commercial buildings or apartments, the driver will contact the client to meet at the lobby or ground level to unload the goods from the truck. Delivery will be only to the ground level of the building. In most cases, the driver will help the client to lift the goods into an elevator. 

For delivery to private houses, the driver will deliver the order to the front entrance of the property or directly to the location required on the ground level in the house. Our delivery does not include moving goods to the second floor of a house. Customers will take full responsibility for moving goods to a second level. 


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