JS Interiors' Warranty is from the date of purchase, for the original purchaser and is not transferrable.

This warranty applies only to furniture used for domestic purposes and does not include furniture designed for exterior use.

All of our products carry a 12-month warranty for residential clients and a 3-month warranty for commercial users. We will fulfill our obligations under the Consumer Guarantees Act and shall, at our discretion, repair or replace any parts which JS Interiors determines are defective.

If you need to make a claim under warranty, please contact us on 0800 618181. You must provide the original sales receipt as proof of purchase date.

All defected products under warranty cover must be returned to JS Interiors at the buyer’s expense before we order replacement parts or start repairing the product.

All furniture is affected by UV rays and heat, and even the most colour-fast materials can fade.  All furniture for domestic use needs to be protected from direct UV rays and should never be placed next to a heat source or under strong UV conditions.

Sofas and Upholstered Chairs, Upholstered Full Beds, Upholstered Headboards

Leather or fabric sofas or upholstered chairs, full beds and headboards:

This warranty does not extend to, or cover furniture which in our opinion is:

·       Worn by wear and tear

·       Faded

·       Defective by abuse, misuse or negligence, lack of care or accidents.

·       Cut

·       Burned

·       Damaged by pets

·       Supporting more than standard weight

Leather in its natural state will have variations in colour, markings and grain.  These are not to be considered defects under this warranty.  

Fabric is not warranted for fading unless the supplier of the fabric determines the fabric has faded for reasons other than direct or indirect light. Pilling is not considered a fabric fault. Missing buttons are not considered a fabric fault.

Beware of sharp objects (keys in back pockets, jewellery and watches) that may pull the weave of the fabric. Such damage is not considered a fault.

The dye from throw cushions, jeans or blankets can seep into the fabric and cause stains that won't come out. Dye stains are not covered under the warranty.

Please treat furniture with respect! Do not jump, rock, stand, lean back, swing, climb or play on chairs and sofas. Evidence of this will negate the warranty.

Do not confuse loss of foam resiliency with softening. Cushions will soften through normal use and conform to the user's shape. This is normal and is not considered a defect. Over time, foam can lose 15-20% of its density. All foam changes with use, so move cushions around if possible and don't always sit in the same place. This will allow the padding to "settle" more evenly over the seat area, and it will become less "out of shape" with use. All filling used in cushions will soften and will settle slightly with normal use. Therefore, cushions must be fluffed regularly.

Our solid timber frames on sofas and upholstered chairs are designed to carry weight up to 120kg and this warranty is not valid if usage exceeds this weight.  Do not tip back chairs or sofas – the frames aren't designed to rock.

Solid Wood Cabinets, Tables and Beds

Natural wood grain and knots are not considered defects, but rather part of the natural look and character of the piece.

Do not ‘shunt’ tables – it can split the legs and this will not be covered under the warranty.
Protect all wooden surfaces from high heat sources such as intense UV rays, heaters and hot dishes/cups.

Be careful of animals near your wooden furniture. Damage from pets won’t be considered defects under the warranty

Non-Upholstered Dining Chairs /Stools

Do not rock backwards on your dining chairs as this will cause the back legs to split and break. This is not covered under warranty

Treat items with respect!  Do not jump, rock, stand, lean back, swing, climb or play on chairs or stools.
Evidence of this will negate the warranty.

Any fading or discolouring on plastic dining chairs won’t be covered under warranty. All plastic chairs are designed for domestic use. Any damage from being exposed to high UV levels won’t be covered by our 12-month warranty.


Handcrafted Bathroom Vanities

Vanity units must be kept in bathrooms with good air circulation. The vanity panels are made of MDF board. All surfaces on the inside panels and exterior panels on the cabinet must be kept in a dry condition. If small amounts of water accumulate on the paint surface this will result in the paint surface eventually peeling and cracking.

Some of our solid wood vanity models have horizontal gaps between the cabinet frame and drawers or cupboard doors. Overflow of water from the counter top can run down and stay in those small gaps rather than dropping onto the floor. These small amounts of water will keep the paint surface in a wet condition all the time with the vanity being used every day, causing the paint surface to start peeling and cracking.

Pipes leaking inside the cabinet will also damage the cabinet’s paint surface.

If the bathroom floor isn’t kept in a dry condition and the base of the vanity is in contact with a wet floor for a period of time, the paint surface will suffer from cracks and peeling.

Some of our solid wood vanities have moulded panel designs on the cupboard doors and drawers.  If any extra water on the moulded panels of doors or drawers aren’t dried straight away, the small amount of water can accumulate and over time cause damage to the paint surface.

All the water damage described above won’t be covered by 12-month warranty.

Marble stone tops won’t be covered by warranty if any chemical or product with colour added is placed on the top causing fading or discolouring. A cracked marble top won’t be covered by warranty if heavy objects have dropped on the stone surface by accident.

Ceramic tops with integrated sink won’t be considered as defected if the surface is damaged with any cuts or cracks caused by force or from accidental dropping of objects.

Mirrored Range products

All of our mirrored products will receive a full inspection before being collected by a customer or dispatched to a freight company. Warranty won’t cover any cracked or broken mirrored panels after the mirrored item has been received by the buyer. JS Interiors Ltd can provide replacement mirror panels at the buyer’s own expense.

Keep mirrored furniture away from wet areas like bathrooms or any room with bad air circulation. The edges on mirrored panels will be damaged by moisture over time.  Black spots or marks along the edge of mirrored panels won’t be considered as defects under warranty cover.

Direct sunlight on the mirrored range furniture especially in summer the heat from sunllght will cause the mirrored panel to crack by itself, apart from heat by direct sunlight on mirrored surface, the heat from a cup of boiled hot water will cause mirrored panel to crack if the hot cup is placed direct onto mirrored panel surface on the mirrored table. Cracked mirroed panels caused by the heat damage won't be considered as defects under warranty cover. 

The knobs on mirrored drawers must be tightened carefully and not tightly.  Tightening the knobs too much will easily crack the mirrored panel on the drawer. Cracked mirrored panels won’t be considered as defects under warranty cover.

Bed Bases

Heavy weight or misuse may cause the slats to bend and break. Bent and broken slats as a result of excessive weight or careless handling will not be covered under warranty.

Treat items with respect. Do not jump, rock, stand, use force, swing, climb or allow children to play roughly on them!  Evidence of this will negate the warranty.

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